Monday, August 3, 2015

Alice is Coming

Alice in Wonderland is probably the most popular story in the Lolita community.  There have been countless Alice themed prints and the whimsical innocence and essence of the story reflects what Lolita fashion is all about!  So of course when I happened upon 來自愛麗絲/Alice is Coming, of course I had to go!

It is a second-floor restaurant above a Family Mart

It is on the second floor and the entrance is just a little door with a vine-covered hallway.  A card guard watches the door.  Take a right past the bookcase and you'll see the archway of playing cards that welcome you to Wonderland!

Menu snap! I put jewels by the one I ordered

Taiwan Teddy and Alice Bunny
 The restaurant knows their customer base well - there is a section set up purely for taking photos!  The entire restaurant space is spilling over with Alice paraphernalia as well!
Entire section devoted to photos with props!

Maybe you will be seated in the Queen of Hearts' garden?
 The details in the place mats and coasters are really cute and make you want to keep them!  OK, I actually did take a coaster for scrapbooking ^u^v  Just too cute!
Lovely coaster with a silhouette of Alice in a red rose

Hardcover menu

Playing card place mat

There were many, many puzzles of Wonderland themes that were framed on all the walls!

You're nothing but a deck of cards!

Adorable teapot
       There was a shelf of goods you could buy as well

I actually went twice in a week!  Their vegetarian options for savory foods consists of only two items, but if you've got a sweet tooth then half the menu is yours for the trying!  It is always time for tea, after all~
Round 1: garlic mushroom brunch with French Toast and potato chunks

The plates appear to be custom rose clocks as well

The door Alice tried to go through! This is a fake door on the way to the bathroom
The second time I went, I got the King set meal, which allows you to add $130 to choose any $160 beverage.  I chose a cappuccino to go with my sandwich
Round 2: Vegetarian Sandwich.  The picks are card suits!  I kept mine for scrapbooking
 And the coffee came in this absolutely adorable and completely unique cup!  Definitely an Alice item, it is modeled after three teacups stacked together and really has three handles.  You can choose which one or two to hold on to in order to best get the beverage in your mouth without spilling.  I thought it would be difficult, but it proved to be well-designed and I REALLY WANT ONE
Triple serving?
For the month of August there is a "Mad Hatter's bonus event" where for every $500 spent you earn a ticket to exchange for a cake.  Our combined total for three set meals today was over $1000 so we got two tickets!  Which means... I'll be back...

Have you read both Alice in Wonderland books?  Which did you enjoy more?  I personally get the two a bit confused because Disney Alice combines the two together, and the Red Queen and Queen of Hearts are often used interchangeably despite the fact they are quite different in disposition!  However, I do feel that I like the first book a bit more than the second, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found Behind it.  
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Maiden Diner Maid Event

There are precious few maid cafes in Taipei, so I suppose one cannot be too picky, but I do have a favorite: Maiden Diner in Taipei Main Station Metro Mall (by Y27, close to 北門/Beimen station)

I took my cousin, who is visiting from New York, to Maiden Diner, and learned that there would be an event on August 2, today!

Since they weren't taking reservations and I failed to buy tickets in advance, we tried our luck at the door and bought the last five tickets for the 12-2pm event!  Since my cousin had planned on spending Sunday with my dad, grandma, and my dad's girlfriend and daughter, I dragged them along too ^u^v

I took some photos of the event, and even won the game of Bingo!  (And for those of you wondering, yes, every other table consisted of your stereotypical otaku nerd boys.  We were the only family table there covering three generations)

The event tickets were NT$500 and contained:
1 of 4 dishes
1 of 9 drinks
A Bingo game with the maids
A Polaroid and a button
Maid Yume collecting tickets at the door

I definitely just snuck this photo

Aya clearing our table

I wore light Lolita today:

Taiwan Teddy introducing: waffles and ice cream!

Taiwan Teddy special on the ice cream and macaron!

Taiwan Teddy with the Maiden Diner message book!  I drew my favorite maid (Maid Remy) as a TsumTsum

Everybody received a random gift bag of a maid Polaroid and a button.  I liked the ones I got!  There were a total of three button designs I believe.
Menu, also showing photo prices for 1-4 maids (NT$100-$300) and buttons for NT$60 (3 designs)

And some photos from the first time I took my cousin there:

I drew Maid Aki as a TsumTsum that day

Sneaky snap of Maid Yume (I prefer her natural hair!) and our food!
Maids and Lolita fashion often get confused together and it annoys many Lolitas, but I personally really adore maids if they've got cute uniforms!  I'm all about that kawaii life ^_~

Are there maid cafes or something similar where you live?  Do you like the idea of maid cafes?  Even though maid cafes seem to attract many odd characters, I definitely think having very cute servers and focusing on the presentation of the food (e.g., drawing on the plates) is a great break from the nitty gritty of reality sometimes.  It's like entering a fantasy world for a short period of time!
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Oh, the places you'll go

Actually I just went to a couple stores that sell cosmetics, clothes, etc.  Not quite a department store, but I don't know what they are called.

Took some snaps of cute or funny things to share!

Tiana patch

Drunk turkey wine holder

Every cosmetic store needs this!it's got a cosmetics remover tester on the left, a stack of cotton on the right, and a dustbin behind. After testing several foundations, this setup was a godsend!

Foam-filled soft lip to show you just how luscious your lips will look if you buy their products!

Tea color eyeliner tape. Somehow I doubt this will fit most eyes. 

this mascara is just too funny!  This was at a Japanese shop. 

what does the Fox say?  This foam visor is meant for children but it was funny so I took a snap!

I'm pretty sure this is an American product. Make this style easily!

What's the most interesting or funny beauty products you've seen (or maybe tried?)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Magical Lolitas Meetup

On the 12th (yes, I'm a little backlogged) there was a Lolita meetup where the theme was "magical girl"!  As fun as that is, it turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought... and a few of us worked really hard to BS our way into saying our coord contained magic somewhere ^^;

Check us out and let me know who you think is the most magical!

RouRou with her magic wand she made herself!

Miyo with her Card Captor Sakura umbrella

QiQi with her Sailor Moon selfie stick

NiYa with her Sailor Moon necklace

Hako with her spellbook bag

Neco with her magical print (with fairies)

Kamiko with a print technically called "Magic Rabbit Tea Party" but has no magic elements illustrated
CangXing with something I forgot... I'm a bad memory person :(

Me with my mermaid print which is sort of magic? 
Lilith with "magically never ending cherries"

Skirts and Card Captor Sakura umbrella
Lilith lost this round :P  So she picked the random number for next meetup's theme... horns.  Why are we getting such difficult themes???  Many of the lolitas already have deer and ram horn headpieces, which you can find on if anybody is interested.  Suggested keywords would be 羊角,鹿角 for "sheep horn" and "deer horn" respectively.

Does anybody have any ideas for me???  Help!!!!   My current plan is to make my own unicorn horn so I only need to have one ^u^v  Not 100% sure that will turn out well, though... I've made the horn itself out of paper clay, but need to find an elegant way to attach it to my head (headband or circlet?) and figure out how to make the horn's twirl more defined, probably with sandpaper.

Well, this is a rather long entry so I hope you've enjoyed the photos at least!  Thanks for keeping up with my blog!
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